Overcoming Negativity In 2018

If you're looking to overcome negativity, there are plenty of great tactics that can be used. We'll detail some of them here, and also what to do when that isn't working.

One of the simplest yet undoubtedly powerful tactics to overcome negativity is to begin to condition yourself for positivity.

If you find yourself feeling negative, catch yourself in thought and focus your attention on a positive thought. In fact, it is best to focus your attention on to two positive thoughts.

Neutralize Negativity, Instead Of Feeling Less Negative

Since the brain is a goal-achieving mechanism trying to protect you and aid in survival, naturally negativity has a greater priority, often noted as being twice as important. Otherwise, you may find eating that juicy fruit to be a bit distracting when a wild animal is off in the distance.

In order to neutralize the negativity, instead of simply feeling less negative, replace that negative thought with two positive ones. Additionally, if you find yourself going back to negativity, you must go back to two positive thoughts again!

How To Generate Positivity

As you begin to condition yourself for positivity, you will find positivity and incredible thoughts become more and more common in your life.

If you are looking for ways to generate positivity and positive thoughts, here are some things that can help.

First off, your positive thoughts can be visions, and the bigger and brighter the better. If the vision is appearing as tiny in your mind, blow it up to bigger size and zoom in. It can also be made to be even more vivid and bright, which will create an even stronger impression on the mind.

If you feel like you are struggling to generate a positive thought, consider that every step you take is a success. That piece of wood could have snapped into two! A hole could've been tripped in! So there are plenty of positive things happening each and every day, in fact, there are probably thousands of them just for you.

Additionally, you can generate a positive vision about just about anything. Whether it's sun shining onto water creating a glimmering sight, with lush green hills and just a few beautiful flowers, with a person with a kind face and a smile nearby. A fish that you smile and let jump out of your hand after grabbing it right out of the water!

Maybe you can envision a massive fish that you are amazed looking at, your eyes glossy and jaw hanging low.

Imagine a deep sea multi-colored incredible sight, shining at you among the many shades of blue waters. There are so many possibilities. Imagine yourself hitting golf balls over the moon in your bright white space suit. The possibilities are endless and the greater the better.

Something Missing In The Moment

Another thing to consider is something I first heard from Ram Dass, which is that sometimes you have the energy but are missing the love. Other times, you have the love but are missing the energy.

In these instances, having a significant other can help, but even if not, envisioning can help with both of these. Imagine a powerful vision of someone you feel is loving you and see it. The smile is widening across your face as you do.

A powerful vision can also fill you with energy and open you up to incredible possibilities.

Difficult Problems And Difficult Negativity

If you are finding that often times you are pushing negativity down, repressing it, or distracting yourself, this may be a strong indication that you are unsure of how to solve a certain problem in your life.

When this happens, the best thing you can do is learn how to learn, which is seemingly the GREATEST point of leverage in our time period.

It's not about learning a million things, it's about finding deeper distinctions. Then from that, all sorts of incredible tactics will start to find their way into your life and nonsense problems will drift away.

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